When Is The Best Time Of Year To Clean Furniture And Upholstery?

Mar 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

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Have you noticed that we often remember to scrub toilets, wipe down kitchen surfaces, and even clean our carpets, but our couches and furniture are often pushed to the backburner?

Most of us don’t think to clean our upholstery until it becomes noticeably dirty when it’s actually important to have it professionally cleaned during the recommended times during the year.

Why Dirty Upholstery Is Bad For Your Health

Did you know that your couch is likely one of the dirtiest items in your home? This is in part due to the fact that furniture fibers absorb dust, dirt, spills, body odors, pet stains, hair, dandruff, and more—then spread these things throughout our homes. 

It’s easy to see how this can become a significant health hazard—especially when you think about how much time the average family spends on the couch each day. That’s why routine furniture and upholstery cleaning is a must for a healthy home.

How Often Should I Clean My Furniture Upholstery?

Spot cleaning when stains and spills happen and regular vacuuming on your own can make a big difference for your furniture. However, deeper cleaning is needed to get rid of the dirt and dust hat soak deep into your upholstery fibers.

Each couch or piece of furniture should have a manufacturer recommendation for frequency of cleaning. Start there, and follow this rule of thumb: Furniture and upholstery should be cleaned at least once a year, or each spring and winter if possible. If you have pets or children in the home, furniture can get dirtier faster, and should be cleaned at least every six months.

Furniture And Upholstery Cleaners In Long Beach, CA

Choose a local upholstery cleaner that uses less water in the cleaning process and only non-toxic cleaning solutions. At Chem-Dry of Long Beach, we know how to take care of your specific upholstery materials while also being aware of how the methods we use impact the environment.

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