5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Office Clean

Jul 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

5 Budget Friendly Ways to Keep Your Office Clean

The safety and health of your office has a major impact on employees, customers, clients, and anybody who spends time there. But, it can be easy to let cleaning tasks slip through the cracks with your office’s busy schedule and budget. Because a large percentage of the happiness, productivity, and health of your office depend on your physical workplace environment, we strongly suggest prioritizing commercial cleaning in Long Beach, CA.

Here are 5 budget-friendly ways you can keep your office clean with the help of professionals and your employees! 

1. Use the Right Cleaning Products

The right cleaning tools can make all the difference if you are relying on yourself and your employees to clean your office. Make sure to use the right cleaner for the appropriate type of surface you are cleaning. If you are worried about purchasing the right products and tools, we suggest hiring a company for commercial cleaning in Long Beach, CA as they provide all the solutions and equipment to get the job done right.  

2. Give Employees & Staff Proper Training

Your employees likely come from a wide variety of backgrounds and don’t have the same background or habits when it comes to keeping things clean. Schedule a meeting or two to go over maintaining proper hygiene like washing hands, regularly cleaning desks, cubicles, and keyboards, etc. 

3. Follow a Routine Cleaning Schedule 

If you don’t have a routine cleaning schedule in place, now is the time to set one up! Organize a cleaning schedule and put it somewhere where all your employees can see. Assign employees cleaning tasks to hold everyone accountable and even offer small incentives to encourage all employees to help out. 

4. Hire Professionals for Commercial Cleaning in Long Beach, CA 

While commercial cleaning in Long Beach, CA may be an added cost upfront, it’s a smart decision that can yield significant benefits for your business. At Chem-Dry of Long Beach, we rely on an effective carpet and upholstery cleaning method that removed dust and dirt. Routine commercial cleaning can help keep dust off of the surfaces in your workspace, 

5. Don’t Forget to Use Electronic Tools and Technology 

Technology is here to help you out, so don’t forget to utilize it! One of our favorite pieces of technology that can help offices stay clean with minimal effort is robot vacuums. With a few clicks of a button, you can schedule the robot vacuum and it will clean your floors and underneath your desks and furniture. If your office is extremely busy, and you don’t have time to regularly vacuum or sweep, we suggest using a robot vacuum!

Get an estimate for commercial cleaning in Long Beach, CA today! 

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