Protect Your Carpet From Your New Puppy

Apr 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

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Is there anything better than coming home to your dog? Dogs bring so much joy into their owner’s/families’ lives. However, they also can bring some pretty gross stains and smells with them. Find out how to train your dog to NOT pee on the carpet—plus an effective pet urine odor removal treatment in Signal Hill for when accidents do occur. 


House Training 101 Can Protect Your Carpet

Did you know that pets, especially dogs, usually pee over and over in the same spot? Training your pet to relieve themselves outside is all about prevention, and is really easier than you might think.

You can keep these areas odor-free with Pet Urine Removal Treatment from Chem-Dry of Long Beach, plus prevent future accidents with these tips from the pros at Wag! With whichever method you choose from below, it’s important to stick with it and stay consistent each day. 


The Schedule Method

1 – Figure out how often your dog will need to use the bathroom during the day. Puppies will always have to pee more often.

2 – Also determine the times of day your dog will need to relieve himself. Most dogs will need to relieve themselves after waking up, drinking water, eating, and before and after kennel time.

3 – If you can, avoid punishing your dog when they have accidents in the house. Negative reinforcement is usually not effective. Instead, immediately pick your pet up and move them outdoors if they look like they are about to go. If your pet does have an accident, clean up the urine stain from your carpet

4 – Take your dog outdoors about 5 minutes before each anticipated bathroom time. 

5 – When your dog does go to the bathroom outside, make sure you praise and reward him/her with treats and toys. 

6 – Make adjustments to your dog’s schedule as necessary—especially as he grows. 


The Kennel Method

1 – Find a kennel that is the correct size for your dog. Your kennel should be big enough that your dog can stand up completely and turn around. However, the crate should be small enough that it is too difficult for your dog to relieve themselves inside.

2 – Next, add toys and a soft pillow so your pet will feel safe and comfortable.

3 – Using verbal cues, help your pet into your crate by saying things like “in your crate”, or “inside”. To help your dog understand this, a reward system with treats and positive reinforcement will help good behavior. 

4 – Establish a special time daily for your dog to be in your kennel. Make sure you don’t leave your puppy or dog in their kennel too long. This is especially true if your dog is bigger or high-energy. 

5 –  Dogs do not usually use the bathroom right where they sleep. If you make sure you take your dog right outside to relieve themselves after the kennel, your dog will associate kennel time with a bathroom break after.

6 – Every time your dog relieves himself outside, offer a reward like a toy or treat to associate the behavior with a positive reward. 


The Puppy Pad Method

1 – Buy pee pads that are the correct size for your dog. 

2 – Place the pad in a specific, easily-to-reach area—preferably on the tile or wood floor—and don’t move it.

3 – Just before your dog’s anticipated bathroom time, take him to the pad and continue returning until he relieves himself there. 

4 – Give your dog praise every time he relieves himself on the pad. 

5 – Clean the area and replace the pad often. 

6 – Gradually move the pad toward the door to transition it to outside. Eventually, take it outdoors on the grass or wherever you prefer. Just make sure it’s easily accessible with a doggy door. 


Pet Urine Odor Removal In Signal Hill, CA

If you stick to one of these methods, your dog will be trained soon! Don’t forget, that even the best-trained pets can still have accidents. You don’t have to worry though, Chem-Dry of Long Beach offers routine pet urine and odor removal treatments. Our unique carpet cleaning process removes pet odors, stains, and harmful bacteria.


Schedule your Pet Urine Odor Removal Treatment with Chem-Dry of Long Beach today!

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