Start The Year With Healthy Carpet Cleaning Tips

Jan 5, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

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New Year’s parties are a fun and exciting way to bring in the New Year. Whether you’re gathering with family, friends, or coworkers, hosting your own party is a great way to celebrate this special day. Every new year means a blank slate. You could focus on creating a a healthy home by learning about carpet cleaning tips and tricks from Chem-Dry of Long Beach. Perhaps you will find yourself in the gym or starting a hobby you never had time for but always wanted to try. By starting beginning the year strong, your home, body and mind can become better.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks for 2023

First and foremost, the greatest secret to having a healthy home is to be consistent in cleaning. Out of sight should not mean out of mind. Cleaning daily will enable you to manage the stains and mess that naturally occur over time. Anyone who has kids or pets can expect to see some unwanted colors in their carpet. 

-Prioritize a set amount of time daily to cleaning 

-Create a schedule for what rooms to tackle and on what days you will do so.

– Find a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning service.

Everyone wants to save money where possible. Skimping on your home’s health can lead to dust collecting and allowing allergens to grow in your house. By cleaning daily, you will help to reduce the amount of dirt that builds up in your carpets and rugs. Professional carpet cleaners from Chem-Dry of Long Beach will help you remove the hard to reach dust and dirt left behind. 

How do I Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Company?

Chem-Dry’s unique carbonated cleaning process is what sets it apart from traditional steam cleaning. The carbonation helps to lift dirt and bacteria to the surface of your carpet fibers, making it easier and more effective to remove. We clean deep down into your carpets without leaving behind any sticky residue or unpleasant odors. This method ensures that your carpets are left cleaner and fresher than ever before! Furthermore, Chem-Dry’s eco-friendly solutions are safe for kids and pets, so you can rest assured knowing your family is in good hands with us. So if you’re looking for a drier, cleaner, healthier home in 2023, choose Chem-Dry of Long Beach. Our services range from carpet and upholstery cleaning, to area rug cleaning and pet urine odor removal.

Choosing alternate steam cleaning options may leave your carpets wet for days. That will force you to keep your family away from the room entirely to ensure the wet carpets don’t soak up any dirt from soaks or feet. The other downside of using too much water is that your carpets could become worn as a result. The hefty expense of buying all new flooring is a burden that you can avoid. With our advanced carpet cleaning technique, your carpets will be safely cleaned and dried with hours.

Find Your Local Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry offers superior cleanings for cities all over the United States. Some cities include Long Beach, CA, and Lakewood, CA. Start the year off right by making your home a healthy place with the help of Chem-Dry of Long Beach. Call us today or schedule online to get started.

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