3 Tips for Styling Rugs in Small Spaces

May 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

tips for rugs in small spaces

Looking for a solution to make your small space feel more like home?  Area rugs are a great way to add artistic value and color to any room.  A rug can help you get the cozy feeling of carpet for a much more affordable price.  If you are looking to uplevel any room without breaking the bank, rugs are the way to go!  From the expert rug cleaners in Long Beach, CA, here are the best tips to keep in mind when picking out an area rug for your space. 

Tip #1: Choose A Rug That Will Make Your Space Seem Bigger

Rugs have the power to make your room look bigger than it actually is.  When selecting a rug for your room or small space, think about the pattern.  Look for something that will draw the eye down through the room.  Another thing to keep in mind is the size and shape of the rug.  When the rug is in your space you will want to make sure part of your tile or hardwood flooring is left exposed.  This will allow the room to feel larger.  In smaller spaces, rugs with small prints or solid colors can help visually enhance a room’s size, so find a rug that will help you make the most out of your space.

Tip #2: Determine What Kind Of Rug Best Suits Your Needs

It is important to keep in mind what style of rug you are looking for.  For example, the style of rug that would work in an office may be completely different to one that would work for a playroom.  Try looking for a darker colored area rug to go in high traffic areas of the home, and save the lighter colored rug for somewhere else. 

Tip #3: Create A Plan To Keep Your Rug Looking Fresh And Clean

Once you find the rug that is right for you, you will want to keep it looking brand new.  To do this we recommend vacuuming once a week to prevent dirt buildup in the carpet fibers.  Some rugs require special care, so it is important to choose the correct cleaning products.  Another way to reduce wear and tear on the rug is to purchase a non-slip pad to put underneath to reduce the wear on the area rug.  You may even want to consider rotation your rug every 2-3 months to ensure that it is getting worn evenly on each side.  Lastly, every 12-18 months you should be getting your rugs professionally cleaned to keep them looking their best.  Contact the experienced rug cleaners in Long Beach, CA  to get your rugs the proper care they need.

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