Professional Grout and Tile Cleaning in Long Beach, CA
chem-dry tech cleaning tile in long beach ca

Professional Tile Cleaning in Long Beach

Tile may seem easy to clean— you just sweep and mop it occasionally, right? Wrong! Tile and grout require a more in-depth cleaning about once a year to prevent dust and grime from building up in the tile’s porous surface.

While you could get down on your hands and knees and scrub the tile, you will probably spend hours cleaning when you won’t get that great of a result. That’s where Chem-Dry of Long Beach comes in! We offer professional tile cleaning in Long Beach, Lakewood, and Signal Hill that will make your tile shine like never before!

“Josh gave me a quote and for 2 bedrooms and cleaning tile and grout in the kitchen – I am shocked that not only was the exact low price that I was quoted, but the technician’s Chris & Miguel went above and beyond what I had expected. They were also very polite and trustworthy. I will definitely be using Chem-Dry again and again.” – Celeste M.

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Remove Dust, Dirt, & Grime from Your Tile

It is recommended that your tile, stone, and grout be cleaned every 12-18 months. This helps ensure that your home or business has long-lasting protection against dust, dirt, grime, and contaminants.

Clean and cleaned tile and stone looks better and is healthier for your family and pets. Our professional tile cleaning in Long Beach, CA works for a variety of types and styles of tile. We can even clean different types of stone like Saltillo, ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite, and travertine.

Our Superior Tile Cleaning Process

As a part of every tile cleaning in Long Beach, CA, your trained Chem-Dry technician will deep clean your tile and grout by uprooting stubborn dirt and grime from deep in the porous surface using a powerful, non-toxic cleaner. Then, the technician will apply a coat of durable sealant to your grout.

When the sealant is applied, a barrier forms and reduces the amount of dirt that is able to seep into the grout pores. This helps your grout stay cleaner for a longer amount of time. It also makes simple, daily cleaning easier because dirt and other liquids don’t penetrate deep into the cracks.

Clean, sparkling tile can really make a difference in your home!

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